Akshara Singh's intimate and bold song 'Kitne Jhoothe' released

Akshara Singh’s intimate and bold song ‘Kitne Jhoothe’ released

Akshara Singh’s intimate and bold song ‘Kitne Jhoothe’ released

Actress Akshara Singh, who is often in discussions on social media, has once again come into the limelight. Because this time he has done something in one of his songs that the audience had never seen till now. Yes, Akshara has given very intimate and bold scenes in her new song ‘Kitne Jhoote’, not only this, but she has also done a kissing scene. Seeing that the temperature of social media has become hot.

Akshara Singh’s song ‘Kitne Jhoothe’ released from Meri Tune is a romantic sad song which has come into the limelight as soon as it was released. Karan Khanna is seen with Akshara in this song. This pair has done many songs together before but in this song, the intimate scene of both of them has created a stir among the people.

Talking about the song, Abhishek has lent his voice along with Akshara Singh in the song. Kunal Verma has composed this song for Bihar’s binds girl, Akshara Singh. Akshara Singh is very excited about this song of hers. People have praised this song by Akshara Singh a lot on social media. Akshara Singh often accepts new challenges and this time too she took a new challenge with her new Hindi Sad Song and completed it well.

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