Kangana Ranaut Supports Elon Musk's $8 Twitter Fee

Kangana Ranaut Supports Elon Musk’s $8 Twitter Fee

Kangana Ranaut has decided to defend Elon Musk’s proposal to charge $8 for Twitter blue checkmarks, saying that it will encourage Twitter “to develop its integrity.”

Kangana Ranaut has voiced support for Elon Musk’s decision to increase the price of uploading the blue tick on Twitter to $8. In her lengthy post, Ranaut cited Twitter as the “best ideologically motivated” social networking platform currently in existence.

The actress posted a series of stories on her Instagram account on Sunday, November 6, 2017, writing, “Twitter is the best social media platform that exists right now, ideologically motivated rather than based on looks or popularity.”

I could never get the sense of verification that some selected individuals appreciate, as they seem to have no link to the real world, even when my father desires a blue-colored tick then 3-4 clowns will come to his hit a glitch in the shape as if he is some hip-hop musician. Everybody who works with an Aadhaar card has to obtain a unique identification because every citizen requires just different IDs.

Searching for justification for Elon Musk’s decision to charge a fee, she asserted, “Paying a minimal amount to maintain an online account will grow its popularity, there are no free lunches in the world, have you ever considered how these platforms are able to offer their services for free?”

Even the platforms that market your data to attract your influence and make you a part of their group, but you (the voice of your mind) the minute of the day, and hence, there is no free will in such media platforms, which is why it makes sense to create one that can persist (in an era characterized by Social Media).

It is quite simple to arm-twist a bankrupt business after it is planning to hold a high-value system at some point in the future.

For the unfamiliar, Kangana’s Twitter account lapsed permanently in June for repeated offenses of Twitter policies. On the professional front, Kangana will be seen in the political drama Emergency, playing the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

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