Aryan Babu and Awadhesh Mishra Star in Madhusudan Sharma's Unique Film Dadu - I Love You

Aryan Babu and Awadhesh Mishra Star in Madhusudan Sharma’s Unique Film Dadu – I Love You

Aryan Babu and Awadhesh Mishra Star in Madhusudan Sharma’s Unique Film Dadu – I Love You

Filmmakers Babul and Jugnu’s Bhojpuri success inspired producer Awadhesh Mishra and author-director Madhusudan S Sharma to bring a story film, titled Dadau — I Love You. The plot of this movie is an innocent love story between a grandfather and grandson, which has never been told or understood by anyone who watches it.

Awadhesh Mishra is going to boost the Bhojpuri film genre with this story for the first time describing the intimate relationship between a grandfather and his grandchild. At this point, no one had ever heard of or seen this film. Thus, this series has run off to an incredibly strong start. Few people would have anticipated a film like this.

This film is going to entertain the audience and also inspire them to a special cause. Viewers want to watch such films from satellite to cinema houses with the whole family. A 12-year-old boy, a resident of Bihar’s Buxar district, does not need any introduction, today Master Aryan is Babu, Aryan is in an important role in this film, he is going to appear in the whole film in the role of a grandson of Awadhesh Mishra.

However, if we are discussing the movie “Dandu – I Love You” by Ridaan Films, then we will be referring to it.

The film is produced by Gaurav M Sharma and Tushar M Sharma. The story-screenplay-dialogue and director of this film is Madhusudan S Sharma. The shooting of the film has been done at the world-famous Dhuandhar Falls of Madhya Pradesh, the land of Mahakal, and the beautiful places of Narmada beaches nearby.

This is a Bhojpuri film story that places the bond between a grandfather and his grandson as the central theme.

The film depicts the story of heartwarming love the healthy subjects between grandfather and grandson, where a fascinating type of love and self-sacrifice can be observed. Tom Cruise in the role of grandfather and Aryan’s grandson will be the main character in the film.

The shooting of the film “Dadu – I Love You” is complete, and the post-production work of the film is in progress in Mumbai. Mahesh Acharya, Anita Rawat, Master Aryan Babu, Madhusudan S Sharma, and Dr. Arvind Dubey are in the lead roles in Darth.

The lyrics to the heart-touching songs are provided by Rajesh Mishra, Aman Shlok, Shekhar Madhur, Arvind Tiwari, and Suraj Dwivedi. The executive producer is Suraj Dwivedi.

Jagminder Singh Hundal is the DOP of this film. The compilation has been helmed by Santosh Harawade. Art has been created and executed by Rakesh Sah and Mukesh Rathod. Dance is helmed by Mahesh Acharya and the costume has been designed and made by Vishnu. Post-production is being performed at Eye Focus Studio.

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