"Yasmin says she was harassed by Kamal Kishore Mishra"

“Yasmin says she was harassed by Kamal Kishore Mishra”

“Yasmin says she was harassed by Kamal Kishore Mishra”

Film and serial actress Yasmin has alleged that Kamal Kishore Mishra, producer of several films including Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gayi, Dehati Disco, and Khali Bali, deceived her into getting married when he was already in a relationship with another model.

Film star Yasmin Kamal Kishore Mishra recounts that once Sheriff Ayesha Supriya Memon came to her home, Kamal Kishore Mishra was sitting in her car. As soon as Mishra caught sight of her, he attempted to get behind the wheel. She knocked on the window of the automobile and said, “Ali, let my male friend come out for a bit, I would like to talk with you about something.”

They spun our vehicle so severely that my leg was injured, and I fell over, subsequently, GETS A SERIOUS HEAD INJURY. My head literally exploded, it got 3 stitches.

I have filed a formal complaint with the Amboli police precinct. However, no further action has been taken at present.

Yasmin reported that Kamal Kishore Mishra did not care about humanity at all, and refused to even step out of the car and see if I was alive or dead.

We give two exclusive apartments as dowry to our daughters for a marriage of 9 years, but Yasmin doesn’t consider Kamal Kishore Mishra even for a second. Yasmin states that Kamal Kishore Mishra seduces girls into his trap using his character, boasts about his wealth, and spends much time buying gifts for girls. Therefore, he has squandered the lives of many girls, and as a result, he can account for our 9-year marriage no longer.

Ayesha and Kamal got married on March 6th within the boundary wall. Ayesha and Kamal then became spouses and kicked me out. In addition, he said, “Divorce divorce divorce.” I then apparently left Design Architect in a relationship with Ayesha, India’s highest-ranked software designer.

I met him during the filming of a Bhojpuri movie. We got together right after we both became single.I told him it is wonderful how he feels about us, and I suggested that we live together.

The series resumed from a preoperative date on 5th November 2013 and concluded on 20th February 2014, when Kamal Kishore Mishra married me in line with the Muslim traditions he followed. I also have the Islamic Nikahnama. The lawyer we, according to Muslim traditions, contracted for our marriage is still alive, the witness to this event.

Kamal Kishore Mishra told you I’ll always provide for your children all their needs for life when you get married. The extent is the fact that this is not being taken lightly by my husband, either. I and my daughter are facing grave consequences.Actress Yasmin stated in front of the media that she hopes to be compensated by the officials and the authorities for this action.



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