Nishant Pandey enjoys Easter festivities

Nishant Pandey enjoys Easter festivities

Nishant Pandey enjoys Easter festivities

On the occasion of Easter, the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Actor Nishant Pandey popularly remember for featuring in television shows like Zindagi Wins, Gumrah – End of Innocence and Emotional Atyachar awaits for the festivities.

He says, “As I come from a background where my maternal family is orthodox christians, Easter always has been a much awaited family celebration of the year. It all starts from good friday, we remember the crucifixion of Jesus as we mourn his presence, knowing there is always sunlight after darkness we await for easter.”

Nishant who made his acting debut playing the protogonist in the show ‘Khwabon Ke Darmiyaan’ reveals about the celebration.

He continues, “I being half christian from my maternal side, easter for us is always about family gettogether, meeting the elderly, hogging on delicacies especially payassum and easter cake. So from morning we start with writing beautiful notes on easter egg, we decorate easter goodies like egg shells and bake cake; mentioning our joy, happiness, thoughts and love for the day.”

The actor says he’s a foodie and the festival is about good. He tells, “I’m a huge foodie and the festivities is all about feast. It comes as an opportunity to share meals with our love ones. As to mark the celebration we feast on heavy breakfast or lunch which can be either uppam and chicken curry or any gravicious food followed by sweet dishes like pudding, payassum and bun cakes. We also distribute sweets, food and gifts around our neighbours, extended families, and needy ones.”

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