Sahil Khan is my fitness inspiration: Inzamam Khan

Sahil Khan is my fitness inspiration: Inzamam Khan

Sahil Khan is my fitness inspiration: Inzamam Khan

Over the past couple of years, the fitness industry has faced great challenges and opportunities with gym closures and a massive influx of digital fitness offerings. The way the world approaches health and fitness has shifted and become a priority for youths. Inzamam Khan, a well known fitness influencer reveals how social media is helping him to enjoy achievements.

He says, “Social media is just a new sunshine for the fitness industry. I feel people enjoy flaunting there well shape-toned body here and inspire others. And people understand the need to be fit and get easily influenced. For me it has help to promote myself and get more clients. In the procedure I connect with lot of new people, communicate with them and help them to get fine results.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone. Talking about its ray on fitness industry Khan tell us, “The huge changes within the fitness industry were a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerated a massive shift to digital fitness. As brands launched digital fitness platforms in what felt like days, consumers had access to a growing number of virtual training options. Initially, we were seeing fitness professionals run Zoom classes for their regulars. Now, we’re seeing extremely polished digital offerings from small businesses as well as huge names in the industry.”

There is always someone who inspire us to find a passion. Inzamam revealed he was inspired by bollywood actor Sahil Khan. “I was inspired by actor Sahil Khan to explore a career in fitness world. When I was in my college, started working out with my friend. I’m also open to try my luck in acting.”

Khan is most wanted among girls. He claims to be single and receive compliments for his looks by them.

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